Our new Director of Photography/ Gaffer (we're that low on crew) Hunter V. Norris. Who is our third G & E member on the class shoot. I trust that he and Ron (1st AD) can do a great job. 1 more member to recruit.

Also, we now have a new actor, Jeff DeAvila, who may be our new Edgar, or Jacob, depending on how a few script readings go. I am sending messages to others tonight, mainly looking for the production designer. I have someone in mind...
Kalee, who was our original Rebecca returns as our new 2nd AD, or PA, depending on how scheduling works out. That creates our Directing team. More key positions are up for grabs as we move into pre-production Tuesday.
Reboot #3! This time with a crew of student film makers, instead of friends. We will begin pre-production again over the next three months. Changing yet another draft for the better. Every time we go into a reboot, the film comes out better than before. Hence the original look trailer, to the concept footage. Hoping to get the original lead back, but I will keep things updated. First announcement involves our new 1st AD, Ron Ferguson. Who will also be playing "Seth" when not scheduling and running the set.