Since my last post would not let me edit, I wanted to announce new crew/cast members.

Tyler Herrick- 2nd AD
Nattie Doering- Jacob
After a failed attempt to make the film, I had put it off while I focused more on school the last few months. However, Atelis is coming back, better than ever. New crew, new cast (except the lead) and new ideas. Draft two of the remastered script is being written, and I hope to record a session of the script reading on the 11th of this month. We will also begin filming in november-january. A much more stretched out shooting schedule so there is less stress and problems, which caused the last version to fail. 

Here is a quick update as well. It's some of the "concept" footage that was shot during a day using no lights, just to see how it would natually look using the Canon XL2 camera. The last shot I admit I messed up on, since I wrote it differently.