After long last, getting the script treatment done was only the beginning, with that coming in at 16 pages, I thought I would have time to relax. With filming beginning less than a month away, I needed to rush to finish draft 1 of the full script. I just finished it as of 2:53am on the morning of december 4th, 2009. It is 72 pages long, and has 122 scenes. We're over the hour mark, but under 90. We're in a good standing personally. This weekend, I'm heading down to Tuscon to finish the documentary I've been working on for a few months now, but during the time in the hotel with nothing to do, I will be starting the scheduling process, since we now have a very accurate number of scenes compared to the treatment because of cuts I've placed in so a scene isn't 3 minutes long, as well as new scenes for character development.
Act 1 is already finished with draft 2 since I have went over it with Danny. I just need to do the same with act's 2 and 3, and then we can begin working on the final draft which should be done before the 12th of december. After the scheduling, I need to work on the shot list, which all of the school shots are 100% worked out. We have over 50... I'm expecting about 500 total for the movie, give for take 100. I'll find out this weekend.
In this video, J.T. Freel, who plays Edgar for the concept teaser, jokes around with Weston, who plays Alex, the lead. Just thought it would be cool to post on the blog since there isn't much new news right now. This was done during the voice over session for the concept teaser. Just decided to keep the camera rolling.