Allen Larson- LEAD. Director of the film within this film.
Casting- Mark DeBoer 

Andrew- LEAD. Main actor within the fictional film. Worked with Allen on every project he has directed.
Casting- Vaughan Grey

Ryan- SUPPORTING/LEAD. The first AD to the project. Acts more as an assistant to Allen, helping him cover up the incidents.
Casting- Jeff DeAvila
I will update with more actors as they sign on.
So while the previous film went no where fast (The update btw was we might of had a producer and possible way to finance.) Because of this, this company has a new business plan. One short film a year for the next few years, and eventually moving to two, and possibly back to Atelis around 2015. The first project for this year, is a short I wrote in my screenwriting class back in 2009 called Accident Prone. It's a dark comedy about murder on a film set, and what a desperate director would do to cover it up. Filming is set for May 21st-May 23rd and should be released in the fall. The goal is to send it to a few festivals in the south west region. I will post updates including cast/crew through out the day as we have been in pre-production over a month. I just almost forgot about this site. 
In the meantime, started location scouting some more places, including some familiar places at day.

Alex and friends walk home from his Uncles meeting.
A second park option.
Alleyway at day. Street in distance and soccer field in between.
Edgar's street leading from alleyway. (Camera taken from location of undercover cop in script) Alex rushes to light post and sees a missing sign.
Original park at day
Rebecca exterior?
Edgar exterior?
Our new Director of Photography/ Gaffer (we're that low on crew) Hunter V. Norris. Who is our third G & E member on the class shoot. I trust that he and Ron (1st AD) can do a great job. 1 more member to recruit.

Also, we now have a new actor, Jeff DeAvila, who may be our new Edgar, or Jacob, depending on how a few script readings go. I am sending messages to others tonight, mainly looking for the production designer. I have someone in mind...
Kalee, who was our original Rebecca returns as our new 2nd AD, or PA, depending on how scheduling works out. That creates our Directing team. More key positions are up for grabs as we move into pre-production Tuesday.
Reboot #3! This time with a crew of student film makers, instead of friends. We will begin pre-production again over the next three months. Changing yet another draft for the better. Every time we go into a reboot, the film comes out better than before. Hence the original look trailer, to the concept footage. Hoping to get the original lead back, but I will keep things updated. First announcement involves our new 1st AD, Ron Ferguson. Who will also be playing "Seth" when not scheduling and running the set.
Since my last post would not let me edit, I wanted to announce new crew/cast members.

Tyler Herrick- 2nd AD
Nattie Doering- Jacob
After a failed attempt to make the film, I had put it off while I focused more on school the last few months. However, Atelis is coming back, better than ever. New crew, new cast (except the lead) and new ideas. Draft two of the remastered script is being written, and I hope to record a session of the script reading on the 11th of this month. We will also begin filming in november-january. A much more stretched out shooting schedule so there is less stress and problems, which caused the last version to fail. 

Here is a quick update as well. It's some of the "concept" footage that was shot during a day using no lights, just to see how it would natually look using the Canon XL2 camera. The last shot I admit I messed up on, since I wrote it differently.
After long last, getting the script treatment done was only the beginning, with that coming in at 16 pages, I thought I would have time to relax. With filming beginning less than a month away, I needed to rush to finish draft 1 of the full script. I just finished it as of 2:53am on the morning of december 4th, 2009. It is 72 pages long, and has 122 scenes. We're over the hour mark, but under 90. We're in a good standing personally. This weekend, I'm heading down to Tuscon to finish the documentary I've been working on for a few months now, but during the time in the hotel with nothing to do, I will be starting the scheduling process, since we now have a very accurate number of scenes compared to the treatment because of cuts I've placed in so a scene isn't 3 minutes long, as well as new scenes for character development.
Act 1 is already finished with draft 2 since I have went over it with Danny. I just need to do the same with act's 2 and 3, and then we can begin working on the final draft which should be done before the 12th of december. After the scheduling, I need to work on the shot list, which all of the school shots are 100% worked out. We have over 50... I'm expecting about 500 total for the movie, give for take 100. I'll find out this weekend.
In this video, J.T. Freel, who plays Edgar for the concept teaser, jokes around with Weston, who plays Alex, the lead. Just thought it would be cool to post on the blog since there isn't much new news right now. This was done during the voice over session for the concept teaser. Just decided to keep the camera rolling.