We look to have a finished rough cut of Efialtis this Monday! As it stands, it looks to be about 20 minutes long. I will send the rough out to several people during the week, and have a finalized cut the week after. From there, we'll work on color correction, sound, visual effects, and look for someone to work on music. 

During this time, we will also develop a teaser trailer. Hopefully we will have something in the 30 second range by San Diego Comic Con, in which 4 of us will wear shirts linked to the newly formed .com version of this site. 

We are also heavy in pre-production for our next short film, The Angry Mailman, a project we had planned to shoot before Efialtis, but ran out of time. Joining us, will be director Brian, who was the DP of Accident Prone. Also on the crew is new DP James Hornsby. We also have Sam Trave as Key Grip, and James Collins as producer/AD. Returning to the cast will be Mark DeBoer as the title character.

I also have in my back pocket a short film I wish to prep for the fall. It will be written and directed by myself, and shot by Tim Pierce (Efialtis) 

We have many great announcements in the next few months, and hope that the fanbase starts to grow, because we have many great films we would like to make, but currently lack the finances to do so. That is all about to change w
7/3/2023 09:50:51 pm

Thank you for writiing this


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