Project -Atelis- is coming. After 7 years, and various treatments to the script, I have finally found something that works story-wise, as well as entertainment wise. I will admit first hand, that dispite it being a horror/drama, it will not be that scary. More toned down horror, which is where the drama obviously comes from. I am writing the first draft of the new treatment, and after I will probably be filming a "fake" teaser to help generate interest. This should all be happening in the next month if things are executed right.

I will update the following cast/crew list as the time goes on, including a character page with bio's and pictures of the actors/actresses.

Producer: Daniel Schick
Asst. Producer:
Director: Jamie P. Collins
1st Asst. Director: Josh Geiwitz
Director of Photography:
Written by: Jamie P. Collins
Script Supervisor:

Alexander Jordan: Will Argeros (Teaser)
Edgar:Jacob: Karl Kwiatkowski (Teaser) 
"The Three":
Alex's Parents:
Rebecca's Parents:
Drama teacher:

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