ANGRY MAILMAN: Kimberly Peterson has decided to join both Angry Mailman and Remorse (Working title) as a co-producer/production designer.

We are also searching for a third location which is a Bar, and she has suggested a location they are filming on the feature Disclosed Minds that can double as a bar, so we will be getting in contact with them shortly. We still intend to begin filming early August.

REMORSE (Working title): I have begun writing the first draft to this new short, which will be a post-apocalyptic scenario presented over 10 minutes. It will be considered drama more than horror or thriller as I want to play around with the three people, one room concept. More details for this as we get closer to the fall. 
We look to have a finished rough cut of Efialtis this Monday! As it stands, it looks to be about 20 minutes long. I will send the rough out to several people during the week, and have a finalized cut the week after. From there, we'll work on color correction, sound, visual effects, and look for someone to work on music. 

During this time, we will also develop a teaser trailer. Hopefully we will have something in the 30 second range by San Diego Comic Con, in which 4 of us will wear shirts linked to the newly formed .com version of this site. 

We are also heavy in pre-production for our next short film, The Angry Mailman, a project we had planned to shoot before Efialtis, but ran out of time. Joining us, will be director Brian, who was the DP of Accident Prone. Also on the crew is new DP James Hornsby. We also have Sam Trave as Key Grip, and James Collins as producer/AD. Returning to the cast will be Mark DeBoer as the title character.

I also have in my back pocket a short film I wish to prep for the fall. It will be written and directed by myself, and shot by Tim Pierce (Efialtis) 

We have many great announcements in the next few months, and hope that the fanbase starts to grow, because we have many great films we would like to make, but currently lack the finances to do so. That is all about to change w
Below is the first minute of our first rough cut. This is long before color correction, music, sound effects, etc. Most of the audio has been synched with the boom mic, and the footage is correctly paced to how we want it. Some things may change in future edits, such as a few frames cut or extended here and there. But as of right now, 1 minute down, 15 more to go. We plan to edit scenes 6-10 next week, which will include the first bits of dialogue, and the appearance of our other lead actor Mark DeBoer. Essentially scene 9 will be the remake of the promo scene we shot during the kickstarter campaign. We learned a lot from that footage and we're happy how the remake of it turned out. 
Below are stills from the Raw footage (probably reduced quality since I had to copy/save a few times between computers) 
This is all before color correction or brightness adjustment.
Scene 1
Scene 9
We began filming this short on May 4th, 2013, and continued filming May 5th, 11th, and 12th. We realized that we had 4 scenes left, and we decided to pick these up at 4 AM on May 19th. We have completed Efialtis. Listed below are some production photos from my cell phone. 
Scene 1 Day 5
Day 1, Tim downloads footage
Day 1
Day 1, Mark DeBoer as Alexander. This is the final version of the shot, different from the promo.
Video playback
Later in the film, Day 1
James Freel waiting for the set up.
Mark as Alexander Day 2
Outside shoots are always fun... Day 2
Day 3
Robert Edwards as Deimos.
Day 3. To wrap Rob, we decided to use the opportunity to shoot a new opening scene for my previous project, Accident Prone.
We have launched the kickstarter for Efialtis. Please donate, and share!
Jake enters a room.
Jake finds the orb
Jake grabs the nearest object he can find.
Alexander appears.
Jake is choked by an invisible force
Cinematographer Tim Pierce watching footage,
Accident Prone is done, and will be released on this site after deciding on entering it into a festival or not. 
However, production for Efialtis is underway. 

We have a few announcements regarding this. Angry Mailman has been put on hold for the time while my next horror/drama gets finished, and we can find funding for more complex locations that script entailed (such as Bars.) 

Efialtis is a story about a man awakened during the night by paranormal forces, and is used as a pawn in their war with each other. It will fun around 15 minutes, and begin shooting in early May. Kickstarter or Indiegogo will launch in March. We hope to raise anywhere between $2000-$2500 for the project. We already have $350 out of pocket put aside. 

Mark DeBoer, who started in Accident Prone is returning to the cast as one of the paranormal entities. 

The crew also contains up and coming cinematographer Tim Pierce and a few other's who had helped on Accident Prone. More updates as they come. 
We finished production on Accident Prone, and are currently in the process of editing. Updates were posted via  and I hope to post some pics sometime in the future on this site. 

While that's in editing, Brian (who was our DP) wrote a script called "The Angry Mailman" which will be our next project. We hope to begin filming sometime in August on  a smaller budget. 

Producer/Writer/Director- James P. Collins
Co-Producer- Jennifer Doering 
1st AD- Angela Garcia
Director of Photography- Colten Currey (
1st AC- Brian Lizarraga 
2nd Camera Op/Gaffer- Shawn 
Production Designer- Taylor Jean
Boom Op- Ryan Pualay
Catering/Storyboard- Katie Krones
Grip- Hunter Norris (pending)
Audition consultant- James Freel
Sound-Casey Karapetian